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A professional studio has soundproofing, uses the highest quality microphone and recording equipment available. This stuff is not cheap. The voice-over is digitized on the best-recording programs such as Adobe Audition, and Pro Tools, in optimal quality. This sounds better and more reliable than the alternative of a 4-year-old iPad, a laggy GarageBand, the metronome known as the neighbor's dog barking at a fallen leaf, and your sibling in the background eating pizza. A professional voice-over is a superior choice over a cheap, poorly made recording. High-quality audio doesn’t distract you from the content, it welcomes you in and thus you’re able to enjoy listening to the message.
Yes. If you aren’t 100% happy with our service delivery in the first 30 days, we will fully refund your subscription. No questions asked. See more on our money-back and satisfaction guarantee, here.
The simple answer is no, you can cancel at any time, we have no contracts. At Podcast Production Pros we have no long-term commitments required to use our services. When you sign up for editing we give you two options on how you can pay. Paying monthly or you can save money by paying one lump sum for the year.  Paying a monthly fee, you can simply cancel anytime. If you have opted to pay for editing upfront for an entire year, yes you can still cancel, but there will be a small fee involved. Please contact us directly and we can resolve everything quickly.
Yes, it is possible. If you signup now and follow our detailed instructions on the contents we need, we can have your episode back to you within 48 hours of submission.
Yes, we can. We understand that each podcaster has different needs and therefore we can tailor a package specifically the way you run and produce your show. Get in touch for more information.
Our straightforward pricing sets us above the rest and is one of the primary reasons for our sky-high customer satisfaction rate. We provide honest service at fair prices–with no hidden costs. When surcharges apply you’ll find them clearly indicated.  You can find the exact pricing for each of our services on the shop page. If you need pricing for a particular custom project, please send us a message and we’ll let you know how we can help you.
We are here to help! We have helped launch tons of podcasts, and we can help you launch yours, too!  Our launch package is perfect to get all the services you will need. You can also pick and choose each exact service, and we are happy to consult with you and determine more of the specifics. Such as the best equipment, launch strategy, help to identify your target audience, narrow your niche, and guide you through every step of launching your podcast.
No. we make it easy to mix and match the exact services you need. All of our services are available a la carte. Even podcast editing, you can purchase on a per episode basis. But if you are looking for on-going podcast production, then we recommend taking advantage of our monthly editing combo packages. We have structured our monthly packages to offer you the best variety of services. If you have a one-time specialized project, we can help you with that, too. You can always reach out to us for a custom quote on your project.
Depending on which service you choose, our turnaround time is either 2 or 3 business days. However, we recommend you submit your raw-audio recordings to us at least one week before the episode needs to be published.  We will then produce the audio, and get everything to you for approval. NOTE: Our transcription service requires at least 48 hours (excluding weekends).  Rush service is available for an additional fee.
Yes. Describing the style (for example, rock) and the tempo (for example, slow) of music you want is the fastest and easiest way to let us know what you want. If we select music that doesn't appeal to you, let us know and we'll remix the audio with different music at no extra charge. If you'd like to select the music yourself, we can provide you with a link to the music library we use. After you've found the music track you like, shoot us the name of the track, and we'll mix it into your project.

With our monthly podcasting packages, we offer two different types of editing.

Standard Editing:

We edit specifically defined sections of your content (time codes for in/out points provided by you ). That means you listen to your episode and record the exact time you what us to modify the episode. After the edits are made we balance and process the audio. Mixing in your pre-made branding (Intros and Outros, Sponsorship messages). Finally, we process your episode with noise reduction, mouth noise reduction, EQ, clarification, and mastering of the overall sound.

Premium Editing:

Your personal producer listens to the whole show. Your dedicated audio pro will review every second of the episode audio, this editing is deeply involved, and takes a good deal more time. We make editorial decisions to cut/reorder sections of content based on your target episode length. We make small edits throughout to tighten up things like reworded questions, rambling answers, and verbal tics that distract listeners’ attention. After the edits are made we balance and process the audio. Adding in your custom designed branding elements (Intros and Outros, Sponsorship messages) and then integrating background music. Finally, we process your episode with noise reduction, mouth noise reduction, EQ, clarification, and mastering of the overall sound. Can I communicate directly with my producer? Of Course. We will personally match you with one of our talented producers. You are able to communicate directly at any time through your project hub. We encourage you at any point,  to ask questions, voice concerns or share general production notes you have before or after editing. Do I have to give all the instructions for every episode? No way. You can simply record your shows; upload them, and know that your producer understands exactly what to do. That’s a big benefit to having a personal audio pro, over time they know what you expect and can save even more time by maintaining your standards throughout your episodes. Will my producer help me to improve? For sure! Your producer will send you weekly updates and may include ideas on how to improve your audio. Having a full-time Editor, Producer, and Voice-Over Talent will seriously improve the efficiency of your podcast. We are your own personal Audio Production Department always on-call and ready for YOU!
With most of our services, you will need to decide on a voice talent for your project. We make this easy for you too. Want us to do the deciding? We can do that. We will find the one we feel matches best to suit your needs. We have a hand-selected small arrangement of the finest most powerful signature voice talents. Our voices can be heard around the globe on podcasts, national commercials, on traditional radio stations, in television promos, and thousands of other audio assignments. (One voice included per client. Need multiple voices? Just ask for a quote)
  1. Picking out the voice and the right delivery for your project: Listen. Like. Repeat. We give you a bunch of demos for each of our voices. Simply, match a demo with the type closest to your project needs. Let’s be real, the easiest way for us to arrive at the sound you are looking for is to recreate a style we have done in the past. In the unlikely scenario when you can not locate a demo and sound for the voice you have in mind,  don’t worry we have exclusive access to other top voice talents, just let us know what you need.
  2. Now you have your voice, what style and pace do you want? Specify what kind of voice-over you are looking for. (for example excited, serious, relaxed, laid-back, sexy and the pacing: slow pace, medium pace, fast pace).
  3. Send us your script and specific instructions and we’ll head to the studio to record ***HELP SPEED THINGS UP: Record audio of your script and upload to project hub. This significantly helps the voice-talent to understand the exact pronunciation of all of the words in your script.
  4. Once your voice artist records your project you will receive the voice recording in the highest quality MP3 via download on your Podcast Production Pros Hub.
Our straightforward pricing, along with the experience of our audio technicians and voice-talent, sets us above the rest and is one of the primary reasons for our sky-high customer satisfaction rate. In an industry that suffers from a lack of faith, we provide honest service at fair prices–with no hidden costs. When surcharges apply you’ll find them clearly indicated.

Understanding the terms and what they really mean:

  • Balancing/Dynamic Processing – This mostly has to do with the loudness of audio, and balancing the overall sound.
  • Noise Reduction – background noise, hiss, we can reduce these sounds but not remove them completely. Usually, this has to do with the quality of your recording. We will do our best to remove what we can.
  • EQ: This helps to process your audio and add treble and bass to the sound, adjusting to make it warmer and clearer.
  • Mouth Noise Reduction – mouth noise or mic noise, is created by the microphone used to make the raw audio. We mean things like plosives (popped P’s), sibilance (distorted “S” in words.) We can reduce these sounds but not remove them completely. We will do our best to eliminate what we can.
  • Clarification: Using advanced technology we elevate the good sounds and reduce the bad ones
  • Mastering: Our mastering process uses our secret recipe of several audio plug-ins to improve and enhance the final sound.
  • Encoding: Tagging your audio file with relevant details so it can be searched on the net.
  • Final mp3: The final mix will be the highest quality mp3 file. Mp3 quality is measured by bit rate, comparable to the resolution of an image. The higher the bit rate, the better the quality of your audio or video file. For example, the sound of an MP3 file with a bit rate of 192 kbps will be much better and clearer as of a file that only uses 32 kbps. The image quality of a video is also dependent on the bit rate. TEST THE BITRATE FOR YOURSELF
Get more listeners and keep them listening longer. Podcast editing services not only improve the quality of your podcast but can also increase listener retention rate by over 25%. If you want to gain and retain listeners for your podcast we recommend you use a professional podcast editing service to help achieve and reach your podcasting goals. When assessing the benefits of hiring a professional podcast editing service, there are a number of things to take into consideration.
  1.  Buying audio production is a unique purchase because you are buying both a product and a service. We understand that for a lot of our clients this is the first time they have ever required the services and products we provide. That is why we keep the process simple and communicate every step and project timeline so you always know what is happening.
  2. TRUE AUDIO PROS are trained to take a critical look at each piece in your project puzzle. They make sure each piece meets your specific needs, so you’re happy with every penny you spent.
  3. Real professionals save you time and money. What is more important to you – time or money? What if we could save you both? um YEAHHH!!! Do you really want to tackle your own editing? Our professional podcast editing and branding services are here with turn-key solutions and easy to buy services.  You can literally just send us your RAW audio and the next thing you know it’s a show… that sounds pro! Seriously!!
  4. They are the experts. Like a doctor or an accountant, an audio pro will ask the right questions, listen to your answers, understand your needs, and offer expert advice to guide you in making one of your most important decisions. Because there are no do-overs for a podcast gone wrong.

100% money back guarantee.

Always, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we’ll get it right the first time, or remake your project at no extra cost.

On Time or it’s Free

We are committed to delivering your project on time, every time. You can count on us to be there when we say we will.

No Hidden Costs

We provide honest service at fair prices–with no hidden costs. When surcharges apply you’ll find them clearly indicated.