Completely Produced Commercials

This is one of our most popular services. Our Commercial Production service includes help with script writing, voice-over, music, and final production. Podcasters, Internet stations, and broadcast television and radio use the service to give their sponsors professionally produced ads. Animated video and other video producers use this service to make their video come to life.

We provide fully produced commercial services to podcasters, Internet stations, broadcast radio stations, video producers, and others around the world. Looking for a creative commercial to reinforce your image? We can do it. Need well written medium-sell audio for a tv spot done by a stand-out voice? No problem. A hard-sell screamer spot? We do them for car dealers all across the country. Over nearly 20 years, we have produced thousands of attention-grabbing commercials.

People don’t want commercials, they want advertising that works. Our job is to find the ‘big idea’ and make it sound outstanding. How do we do that? Using tried and trusted advertising practices, some really cool influence techniques and a dozen cans of Red Bull; we’ll take the listener’s mind kicking and screaming in the direction you want it to go.

Commercial Production

Voice-Over + Music + Final Production: We provide fully produced commercial services to podcasters, animated videos, internet stations, and broadcast stations around the world. People don’t want commercials, they want advertising that works. We will fully produce your commercial message making it polished and professional. Our service includes, help with script writing, recording the voice-over, and complete audio production. Prices vary by commercial length. (View More…)

  • Add Royalty free background music
  • We include a revision at no cost


We give you access to powerful stand-out signature voices. Your project will be voiced in professional studios with pro broadcast equipment. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to undertake a multitude of different projects and understand the complexities in finding the appropriate tone and inflection to fit your work perfectly. INCLUDES: You will receive the raw voice recording in the highest quality MP3 via e-mail download. We include the voice-recording of your script, dry voice only, no production or effects are included. A revision is INCLUDED AT NO COST. Let us know within 30 days after your purchase if we need to revise anything. (View More…)

  • Powerful signature voice talent.
  • Voiced in professional studios
  • We include a revision at no cost.

Script Writing

You need a writer who understands audio. We write for the ear, not the eye. It can be complex to get your message across in a way that is easily understood. Your meaning has to be clear the first time your listeners hear it. Scripts written for the ear move along literally at the speed of sound. More than any other medium, audio content relies on the talent, skill, and salesmanship of a writer. The best writers are those who have both hands-on broadcast experience and a firm understanding of direct response. It’s a false bargain to try to save a few dollars with a cheap script. When your project is completed, it shouldn’t sound like a script, it should come alive. (View More…)

  • A fully written audio script for your project
  • Comprehensive Customer Service throughout your project.
  • We include (2) revisions at no cost

Contact us to create a custom commercial solution.

Podcast Production Pros will formulate a custom solution that sounds amazing, is made appropriate to your needs, completed in a timely manner, and that conforms to your budget whatever that may be.